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More Disruptions Coming 07/07/2012

Posted by zoidion in Mundane, Weather.
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It’s complicated. It’s always complicated, these astrological indications, and I’m simplifying my summaries. There are plenty of factors to consider and include: declinations, perigee/apogee (relative distance from Earth), perihelion/aphelion (relative distance from Sun), and others. And I’ll be including them in future posts.

But for now, I want to focus on one: Uranus—the Awakener, the Disruptor. As has already been written about ad nauseam, Uranus has as of June 24 made the first of seven “squares” (90-degree angles) to Pluto, at nine degrees of Aries and Capricorn, respectively. That’s the astrological background for this whole decade. So the world is in an era of progressive—actually, I would say regressive—disruptions to established ways of doing things. (I agree with those who see this era as the first series of jarring steps in a Long Descent from the peak of access to Earth’s vast storehouse of fossil fuel energy and the technology it has enabled.)

In the summer solstice 2012 sky, as viewed from eastern North America, Uranus was in the “lower heaven”—directly under the Earth. That fact identifies that region—as well as the central Caribbean and western South America—as a prime candidate for a season of intensifying disruptions. And where Uranus was exactly on the lower meridian, that’s where to pay particular attention.

The longitude is 68 degrees west: a band that includes Bangor, Maine, USA; the eastern St. Lawrence River region of Canada; the waters between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico; Caracas, Venezuela; La Paz, Bolivia; and Chile and its border with Argentina.

Of special interest is Canada, whose national chart (dominion status, 1 July 1867) includes an exact conjunction of the Sun and Uranus at nine degrees of Cancer—exactly “hit” by this first round of Uranus-Pluto.

Venezuela is not due yet for the full brunt of Uranus-Pluto: its declaration-of-independence chart (5 July 1811) has the Sun at 13 degrees Cancer. That date had a Full Moon, and without an accurate time for the declaration, it is difficult to say when the common people there (represented by the Moon) will be most restive. But a great upheaval is coming there, and it will have considerable impact upon the world oil market.

Chile had a major earthquake (27 February 2010, 6:34:14 GMT, centered off the coast), whose effect was ameliorated by extensive preparation, at a moment when Saturn was exactly on the upper meridian and Uranus eight degrees from the lower meridian. It might be due for another.

But when in this season is something in the current fabric most likely to break? When Mars moves into opposition to Uranus, exact on 18 July—also a New Moon: Moon between Earth and Sun, exerting a strong tidal pull on Earth: solid, liquid and gas.

In A Text-Book of Long-Range Weather Forecasting, George J. McCormack wrote of this combination:

The conjunction and opposition are particularly violent weatherwise, especially during the warm seasons. All negative configurations are unfavorable to aviation in the upper air levels, due to erratic wind currents ascending and descending as high and low pressure areas are formed adjacent to each other. . . . When such aspects are preceded by high ranges of temperature, atmospheric reactions are characterized by low and moisture-laden black clouds attended by electrical phenomena and often resulting in devastating storms along very narrow paths. These storms invariably catch the federal weather forecasters unawares, insofar as 24 hour weather forecasts are concerned. Note particularly where either Mars or Uranus occupy the north or south angle [lower or upper meridian, respectively] in the solstice or lunar-quarter maps.

Let’s prepare, watch and learn.



1. Dave of Maryland - 08/07/2012

Re: Venezuela’s birth chart. Full moons are fairly easy to rectify, as the Sun and Moon form a polarity in their two houses. Revolutions are generally declared during daylight hours, which means the Sun will be found in houses 7 through 12, with the Moon in houses 1 through 7. (Revolutions at other times of the day are usually so noted.)

Taking a page from Carol Mull and her work with incorporation charts (Standard and Poor’s 500, a collection of charts now out of print), a 12-6 polarity would be slave-holding state dominated by large plantations, or would never have gotten off the ground. An 11-5 polarity would be known for associations, children and diplomacy. 10-4 is hyper patriotic and wants to project power. 9-3 is intellectually driven. 8 and 2 goes for the money and may have a pronounced death culture. Seven and one (maybe 10 and 4 as well) would produce continual revolutions. Checking Wiki I find Venezuela to have never had a stable form of government. A declaration around sunset is possible. This also gives a chart with a pronounced 6-12 axis.

The Supreme Decision on Affordable Health Care has a very tight Uranus-Pluto square, with Sun dead opposite Pluto. Also note the Sun’s position on January 1 of any given year. There are many treaties and agreements that came into effect on January 1, among them, the 5 boroughs of New York, the unification of Great Britain, the introduction of the Euro and many, many others. All are set to come unglued when Pluto-Uranus hits their Suns this coming January.

So it’s not just the square. It’s what’s already out there that the square will hit.

zoidion - 09/07/2012

Excellent points, Dave. They inspired me to pull out my Venezuela folder, where I found a couple of items re: time of declaration. One is a printout of an email to the Angelicus Merlin group back in 2002 from Brazilian contributor Vania Norberto; along with data on Hugo Chavez and the first stages of his reign, she gives a time of 2:30 p.m. LMT for the declaration of independence. Another item is a note that “about 15:00” is given in New Heavens for a Free World by Andres Boulton. I don’t have that book—-maybe you could confirm—-but I’m inclined to go provisionally with the more definite time.
Both charts (Placidus) have two axes in the second/eight house axis: Sun (13 Cancer) opposite Moon (6 Capricorn), and Venus (17 Gemini) / Jupiter (21 Gemini) / Mercury (24 Gemini) opposite Saturn (22 Sagittarius).
I’d say those are ingredients of a whipsaw national experience. Plus Uranus and Mars straddle the Scorpio Ascendant, promising a colorful history, much of it red. Indeed, a 16-page summary in my file includes this statement: “When a major earthquake in March 1812 devastated pro-independence strongholds while sparing virtually every locale commanded by royalist forces, it seemed that the very forces of nature were conspiring against La Patria Boba [The Silly Republic].” And two decades of warfare following the declaration cost the lives of between one-fourth and one-third of the population.

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