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A Green Surprise 28/07/2012

Posted by zoidion in Mundane.
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Oh no—not again! That seems to be the dominant attitude toward the coming November ritual of an American presidential election. Ritual in the sense of actions long since devoid of meaningful purpose.

These weeks of late July and early August might be a lazy hazy interlude between springtime beginnings and autumnal harvest, were it not for the blistering “flash drought” that has beset much of the nation’s industrial agriculture heartland. That and the derecho storm that turned off the lights and air conditioning for millions around the nation’s capital are major reminders that big corporatized systems are rapidly breaking down in this country.

And what do the anointed parties have to offer as realistic responses to the predicament? Damn near nothin’. It’s time to look elsewhere.

That’s where the Green Party comes in. Yeah, that Green Party, the one—personified by Ralph Nader way back in 2000—that folks on the left loved to blame for Bush II. (Never mind that Dubya was clearly going to be the fall guy—uh, president—because of his close astrological connections to the USA Declaration of Independence chart. Not that I had much of an audience at the time, but I called that one months in advance, it was so obvious.)

The Green Party is the only one with a sufficient national base to make an impact. And though the major media, of course, took little notice of the party’s convention and nominees, there is a movement underway to call for the millions of disgusted citizens to throw their votes not away, but into a better direction.

The party’s nominee is Dr. Jill Stein, born on 14 May 1950 in Chicago. Her Sun is in Taurus, exactly conjunct a retrograde Mercury—thus she was born at a “New Mercury” moment. She is one who can personify a grounded, Earth-based consciousness on a political level: an Earth mother for a wasted nation. The Moon in her chart would be either in late Aries or early Taurus. Aries seems far the more plausible, appropriate for one with a long history of activism and is clearly in possession of a pioneering spirit. This, along with Venus earlier in Aries (augmented by a conjunction with the north lunar node), points to a capacity for leadership and inspiration—qualities long missing from Washington.

A large comprehensive understanding of our collective situation is potential in Jupiter in Pisces. The energy and grit to push doggedly along the hard road ahead are represented by natal Mars and Saturn in Virgo. Perhaps the greatest challenge for her and the message of hope that is realistic for a change, comes from whether she can effectively articulate the Green vision—with no Air sign placements in her nativity.

That she is overall well-positioned for this run, this draft, is indicated by several key ingredients of this year’s solar return: Sun exactly conjunct Jupiter, Moon in Pisces (with natal Jupiter), and Venus stationary retrograde, heralding participation in a collective shift in female roles. (The latter was quite close to the position of progressed Venus, further emphasizing this point.) Mars also in Virgo in the solar return chart suggests that Ms. Stein is especially focused and fit for the campaign ahead.

As one organizer of the Vote Green campaign puts it:

It’s conceivable that a 35% share of the electoral vote could carry us to victory. Public disgust with government and corporate conduct has never been greater than it is right now. Depending on your source 60 to 80 percent of Americans distrust our government and its collusion with corporate capitalism.

The Green Party platform emphasizes ecology, social justice, grassroots democracy and nonviolence. Given our highly fragmented political environment here is a political party that could offer a home [that] political activists and dissidents of nearly all persuasions could find acceptable. In other words, a real chance for us to come together in a common cause – to truly challenge and change a corrupt political culture.

Much depends, of course, not on this or other candidates’ statements and behaviors, but on the populace’s willingness to shift course. Are enough sufficiently energized with clarity and courage to say enough of the rut of failed policies and amply demonstrated corruption of the Republicrats? No doubt those parties’ conventions between now and Labor Day will provide a plethora of evidence.



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