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The Saturn Zone 31/07/2012

Posted by zoidion in Weather.
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It hasn’t received nearly the press of westernmost Japan’s weather woes of two weeks ago, but North Korea has also been suffering the effects of heavy rains and flooding. In the week following July 18, the Reuters news agency reports, widespread flooding killed 88 people, left tens of thousands homeless, and caused widespread damage to agricultural areas of that frequently famine-ridden country.

The latest deluge came on July 29, when, according to North Korea’s official KCNA news agency, 400 mm (16 inches) of rain had fallen in the 24 hours that ended the morning of the 30th. (The key timing factor was likely the Moon at perigee, i.e., closest to Earth, on the 29th.) This area is within the Saturn zone identified from the Cancer 2012 ingress chart. The astromap below shows western North Korea and its capital, Pyongyang, along the Saturn anti-culminating line, meaning that Saturn was exactly under the Earth there.

Such alignments are, in general, the most potent, according to George J. McCormack’s voluminous astrometeorological research. Persistent conditions are one of the hallmarks of Saturn’s influence, and that has certainly been the case.

The First Quarter Moon of July 26 (see chart below, calculated for Pyongyang) provided ample indication that the Saturn zone was due for another dumping. Saturn again appeared close to the meridian, but this time just to the west of the upper meridian, with the added impact of the Moon in watery Scorpio.

Perhaps the First Quarter astromap below adds to the geographic clarity of the situation, showing North Korea between the Saturn and Moon lines of culmination, while the Pluto (death, destruction, irrevocable change) rising line slices across most of the territory of North Korea. Just as the latest dictator Kim prepares to institute reforms, prompting middlemen to hoard supplies in hopes of cashing in later.



1. Dave of Maryland - 01/08/2012

Hello Pete,
You’re doing fabulous work. A couple of ideas for you. Were you ever a follower of the Iceland Weather Report? A cute blog from a woman in Reykjavik, she used to start each entry with the current weather in her home town. Was what drew a lot of us to it. See it here: http://icelandweatherreport.com.

I like your use of AstroMaps. I wanted to send a copy of McCormack to David Cochrane, at Cosmic Patterns and suggest he make a customized program around it, but I will never get round to it. Plus, I don’t use this stuff every day, and you do. He’s here: http://astrosoftware.com/DavidBio.htm. Send him an idea, tell him I told you (he knows me).

It seems to me that in addition to simple MC/IC lines, that planets in aspect to them could be highlighted, and that major topographical features could be added, along with a database of previous storm tracks complete with their astrological underpinnings. So in one fell swoop, you have the current MC/IC track, where those planets will drift over time (and some idea what that time factor might be), planets in aspect to it, the topographical features the storms will follow, as well as a an idea of what happened the last time Mars was at the MC/IC over Chicago, etc. Another feature: The 75 to 90 degree drift of the outer planets, from one year to the next, forwards and backwards, combined with transiting inner planets that will – or won’t – set them off. The possibilities are endless.

Major hurricanes treated in this way would be revealing, I think. What specific astrological factors gave birth to Katrina, or Andrew, or Irene, or Isabelle, etc., and how did the storm track according to planetary lines as well as topographic features. Were these storms reflections of storms the previous year in other places around the globe? Are they likely to be repeated elsewhere in a year’s time? To say nothing about getting the real story about global warming. Do hot and cold spots track around the globe from year to year? Does the Greenland ice sheet melt in one year and then refreeze for the next three?

Astromapping could revolutionize McCormack, who has already revolutionized weather. This is genuinely exciting – Dave

zoidion - 01/08/2012

Thanks so much. Comments and ideas such as yours really fire me up.
No, I hadn’t heard of the Iceland weather report. I’ll check it out. Ditto with Cosmic Patterns.
And your ideas about more detailed maps sound great, especially the lines plus aspects. The astromaps here are via recently acquired Time Passages–better than what I had before, but still frustrating. I have a LOT of research to do into past storms, as until recently I was only occasionally and haphazardly gathering info and charts on major storms. For example, I’m curious as to the indications for 2012 being a very quiet tornado season.
Publishing McCormack’s book is a huge step forward.

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