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Unconventional 24/08/2012

Posted by zoidion in Weather.
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Twin Cities weather report: Yet another sunny day today, after some dramatic towering clouds last evening and just a little rain. The rain barrel is about two-thirds full. A bit of heat and humidity have crept back the past couple of days, but this is classic State Fair weather. The annual bash opened yesterday—don’t plan to go: I might but probably won’t. It’s pricey and crowded, and the food—ai-yi-yi, so much this-that-and-the-other-thing fried and on a stick. My gut churns just from thinkin’ about it. And they’re cuttin’ down whole forests for this. The only draw for me, really, is the music—catching Dr. John there last year was great, but there’s nobody on the lineup I feel like I must hear. Especially after hearing a lot of great acoustic music—outdoors—the past three weekends. But then again . . . this is the end of summer.

It’s not nice to f___ with Mother Nature. Yep, and just now she’s in the mood to deal out a good ol’ bitch slap upside the head, just to see if you’re paying any attention at all. And if you’ve been extra special naughty—as in giving my human mothers a hard time—she can seem to come after you with a vengeance. But if you can manage, just once, to not get all macho and actually take in the message and start to change—for real—well, you might find yourself taking one or two itty-bitty steps from the brink of flaming destruction. I know that’s a long shot.

So go on, you Republicans—get yourselves on down to Tampa and prepare to take your lumps. Yeah, I know you’re not absolutely all complete self-centered jerks, but you’ve let the whack jobs run the party for far too long. You’ve filled lotsa seats in that big putrid dome on the Potomac and the smaller ones in all the states, taken your marching orders from them smart-ALECs, used your insider status to bump up your investment portfolios, and taken official perks like free medical insurance and cushy pensions, all the while pulling out the supports from everyone who doesn’t have special connections.

But now the party’s over, or should I say the convention. I mean. c’mon—you’re not actually gonna let that clown from Bane Capital drive the chariot, with that sociopath Pale Ruin by his side? And you wanna do what—give the money that all those old folks depend on and give it to the casinos?

Your Mom is saying no—you’ve gone too far. You set yourself up for this, you know you did—defying me, once again, by deciding to have your weird orgy of self-congratulation right there in Florida, right in the middle of hurricane season. It’s all about you, isn’t it? I don’t know how you came by such chutzpah.

You didn’t even run the idea by any of those astrologers, did you? Did you? And don’t tell me you didn’t know how to find one. You know very well that that Ronnie Raygun guy you look to as your Founding Father—the one whose policies you’ve mostly disowned, except of course the belligerent ones, but then you don’t actually put your lives on the line, do you?—well, you know he used one of those astrologers, but you don’t like to talk about that. You hate it when anyone brings that up, because you need all those crazy churchy people who so much want the world to end. You know—of course you do—that’s not going to happen. It’s not gonna happen the way you think you want. I won’t let it.

But let’s get back to this where and when thing. You didn’t really think you were gonna have a jolly old time when that Cancer ingress chart showed Tampa right smack dab on the Mars line? Most of the country west of that line has been dry, dry, dry—that’s what that Mars line says. Did you really think there’s no connection between that and this? Did you know that but think it just meant you could show up there in Tampa and do a bunch of macho strutting, and everything would be cool? Uh-uh. That means rising temps, and I don’t mean just outside the cool, dry hotels and convention center. That means tempers flaring and stuff breaking—like machinery. Uh-oh. You didn’t pay attention to Mars being in the same plane as Uranus, did you? No, you were too busy looking for more stuff you could take, from me and all my other children—you need to give more.

And you weren’t paying any attention to all those other hints. I mean, this has all been there for you to look at and heed, years and years ahead. There’s the August Full Moon, when Uranus, Saturn and Mars were on the horizon and Pluto on the meridian. That’s a gang of big-time troublemakers: my troublemakers. They came around to remind y’all that it is hurricane season. And don’t try to tell me you never heard of the “Uranus-Pluto square”–you who profess that you don’t “believe in” astrology, whatever that means. Yeah, that’s the big one for this whole decade, this whole big wrangle the whole world’s involved in.

And that August New Moon had Mercury—the one who’s almost always moving, leaving wind in his wake—right on the meridian, with Mars and Saturn again on the horizon. And way back in June, just a few days before that derecho—remember that?–when Mercury went into Leo? At that moment, Mercury was right on the horizon, settin’ in the west. I was repeating myself there—I’m not fooling around.

And now the First Quarter Moon that y’all are comin’ in to town on—well, there’s that doggone Uranus and Pluto on the horizon and meridian again. Pluto’s down below this time, lettin’ y’all know ya can’t get away from my wrath. And lookit that nice tight Sun-Moon-nodal axis-Neptune configuration that hooks up so nicely with last May’s solar eclipse point, with Mars fresh into his own sign now and helpin’ out—that’s to let you know I’m fixin’ to stir up a nifty storm surge for ya. (Too bad all those other folks around there who are trying to keep on keepin’ on are gonna have to get all caught up in this mess, but that’s just the way it goes.)

Cuz I’m gonna do more than slap ya, I’m gonna sit on ya and beat on ya. And if that’s what it takes to get your attention, then so be it.

See that vertical red line down the middle of this map? That’s the Mars-at-noon line, goin’ right through Tampa.



1. Dave of Maryland - 25/08/2012

Check the Old Farmers for North Carolina for the Democratic show. They’re due for a big blow down there as well. The Gods Themselves have had enough. Pray to sweet Jesus in Heaven that he blow these tyrants out to sea and that they never come back! – Dave

zoidion - 25/08/2012

Amen to that, brother. However, I see on the Old Farmers site it shows hurricane threat to the Southeast from the 8th to 15th of Sept.: after the conventions have closed up shop and the campaign will be shifting into its full ugliness.

Dave of Maryland - 25/08/2012

That’s one of the problems I’ve seen with the Old Farmers, that they will be wrong by a week. I’ve never known why.

zoidion - 27/08/2012

I see that while a lot of us are watching Isaac, another major storm has hit Okinawa and is heading for Korea, which areas are in this season’s Saturn zone.

zoidion - 27/08/2012

I meant to also mention recent lunation charts relocated to Okinawa, and for Korea of course they would be quite similar: the August New Moon chart shows Neptune one degree from the upper meridian, and Sun-Moon only five degrees from the lower; the August First Quarter chart shows Mercury nine degrees from the lower meridian.

2. Dave of Maryland - 28/08/2012

Of course, it might be the Farmers are right and the Weather Channel is being foolish, trying to drum up a hurricane where there clearly is none (Isaac, etc.) This week, Florida was not, in fact, hit with a hurricane and it now seems that the Gulf coast will not be hit, either. Tropical storms are not hurricanes. In-depth, round the clock team coverage will not make them so.

In which case, Florida gets a hurricane FOR REAL next week. Having endured a false alarm, everyone will scoff and there is a possibility of a real disaster. Real forecasting, with real astrology, separates storms from hurricanes. How much better it would have been if the Weather Channel had said, “Folks, Isaac is not as bad as it looks, but watch out for the next one, next week.” Instead of blindly leading us around by the nose.

A lesson to me: The Old Farmers know their stuff, the Weather Channel does not. Scary pictures are not hard evidence.

zoidion - 28/08/2012

Well, it seems Isaac made landfall at 6:45 pm CDT, with Mercury exactly on the western horizon, in the Mississippi delta below New Orleans as a Category 1 hurricane. It looks like the storm surge along the Gulf Coast as far as Mobile could be significant. Definitely a lot less wind, less storm surge than Katrina, but it remains to be seen how much impact there will be from rain and flooding, especially inland. And clearly, Florida got off easy—this time. (Back to the charts . . . )
Maybe the rain from Isaac won’t be so much of a problem, at least in the lower Mississippi valley, but if it gets into the Appalachians there could be major trouble. I’m remembering last year’s Irene—record-breaking rainfall along the East Coast from NC to NY, but the major damage was inland: mountainous upstate New York and Vermont. We don’t hear much about how those areas are recovering—or not.
There’s a good perspective piece on CNN web site about likely impacts upon people without financial reserves. “The average Gulf Coast family fleeing the storm will have to dole out and estimated $250 to $300 a day for food and lodging.” In this economy, there must be many storm refugees who couldn’t afford even one day.

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