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Sandy Lands 29/10/2012

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Hurricane Sandy has made landfall with sustained winds of 80 mph, close to 8:00 p.m. EDT, October 29, 2012, at Atlantic City, New Jersey—49 miles from Cape May, the point suggested earlier by the chart for Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius (see previous post). At that time, hurricane-force winds were being recorded up to 175 miles from the storm’s center. (The time was reported by the National Weather Service.)

The New York Times reports that the storm “had unexpectedly picked up speed as it roared over the Atlantic Ocean” during the day. According to one eyewitness, “‘It’s the worst I’ve seen,’ said David Arnold, watching the storm from his longtime home in Long Branch, N.J. ‘The ocean is in the road, there are trees down everywhere. I’ve never seen it this bad.'”

And, symbolically–in view of the impending presidential election posing as a referendum on the decisions, actions and inactions emanating from the financial disaster of 2008–there is this: “Waves topped the sea wall in the financial district in Manhattan, sending cars floating downstream.”

In the chart below, note the Jupiter-Mars opposition (aligned with the position of the previous lunar eclipse: a special Full Moon) across the horizon, relating to local (Gemini) and long-distance (Sagittarius) transportation—the magnitude and debilitating effects emphasized by Jupiter exactly on the Ascendant in Gemini (sign of Jupiter’s detriment). Among the effects of the storm so far are the shutdown of subway systems from Boston to Washington, and Amtrak and commuter rail systems; and the cancellation of about 1000 flights at the three major New York airports, and 1200 at Philadelphia.

The time of landfall was coincident with high tide, two hours after local (Full) moonrise.

Note oceanic Neptune in oceanic Pisces as the planet closest to the meridian. The meridian itself is at the midpoint of the epochal Uranus-Pluto configuration, representing this decade’s disruption and destruction of existing structures and modes of living on a global scale.


The Monster 28/10/2012

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Hours away from dawn, thinking about that far-off “Frankenstorm.” I got to realizing that Mercury’s sign shift tomorrow is a big deal in forecasting. Mercury, ever relating to movement, in astrometeorology has to do with wind.

Mercury leaves Scorpio, where he is peregrine—that is, lacking affinity as well as dissimilarity—for Sagittarius, where he is in “exile.” Which means, not weakened but having a different sense of proportion and direction from the usual mode.

And when Mercury enters Sagittarius, this year (he does so every year) he enters an unusual realm: mutual reception with Jupiter—each in the other’s sign of domicile. I take this to mean really big wind, passing over a vast fetch.

There’s more: Mercury remains in sextile with Venus (moisture), newly entered home territory in air sign Libra: The winds are shrieking.  And now Mercury is linking up with oceanic/tidal Neptune. And, at the moment of Mercury’s sign shift, Luna is newly arrived in the first degree of Taurus, where she is particularly comfortable—and capable of moving vast masses of both water and solid objects—and where she splits the difference between Mercury and Venus. Luna is nearly at exact opposition to Saturn, and (almost fourteen hours later) the Sun—Saturn and Sun recently arrived in the raging destructive water sign of Scorpio.

There’s still more: Mercury at this time lines up with last May’s solar eclipse point, while Mars and Jupiter—a storm-breeding combination—are in line with early June’s lunar eclipse point.

Oh, and did I mention Mercury and Mars at the same south declination? Translation: wind pumping heat from the south to feed the turbulence of the clash with the colder northern air mass.

Yep, it’s developing into a hum-dinger of a storm. But where’s it gonna land?

Picking a point along the mid-Atlantic coast, I had Time Passages calculate the chart for Mercury’s ingress into Sagittarius for Cape May, New Jersey. Lo and behold, that place is a wind-attractor: Mercury shows up smack-dab on the lower meridian, with the solar eclipse point on the upper meridian and Neptune on the horizon.

Wind, waves and flooding will be devastating, and disruption of communication will be considerable and widespread.

And it’s a shame about those lovely old Cape May houses, right in the path of this monster.

Update Monday, October 29, 4 p.m. CDT: Here’s a windmap image from an hour or so ago, showing quite a dramatic circulation pattern over the eastern third of the country. This morning, I heard that the storm had a radius (not diameter) of somewhat over 500 miles. This is a big one.

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