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A Day Early 10/12/2012

Posted by zoidion in Weather.
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Twin Cities weather report: The snow arrived, in quantity, a day early, setting a new record for the date. Eleven-and-a-half inches of it fell at my place by nightfall on Sunday the ninth. This has been the most substantial snowstorm in this area since the very snowy winter of 2010-11.

The day before, I got myself out to a county government-organized fix-it event. Aimed at keeping repairable appliances out of the waste stream, it was also a boon to those who just need to keep expenses down, and keep kids—and the inner kid—happy. I saw a family of five Somalis bringing in as many hand-held gizmos that had gone on the fritz, and a single forty-something woman beaming as a technician brought her humble boom-box back to life. From what I could tell, it was an all-volunteer staff on hand. I showed up with a phone and desktop audio speaker, and returned later with a floor lamp whose three-way light wasn’t working; not everything got fixed on the spot, but at least diagnosed. Everything got weighed, to have some idea of how much of a load was returned to service rather than trashed.

And the place where the fix-it happened: It’s a shared, subscription workshop equipped with a full wood shop, metal shop, industrial sewing machine, serger . . . and, most popular, a laser etcher. It’s a place for inventors, tinkerers, people with a vision but not the wherewithal for all the equipment that might be needed to produce a prototype. Cool.

As mentioned in my previous post, I had anticipated a significant snowfall during this last quarter of the lunar month. But I had expected it to materialize mostly on the 10th and into the 11th, as the Moon moved into water sign Scorpio and passed first Saturn and then Venus—both planets being at the upper meridian (see chart below).


The latter placement is what marked this longitudinal zone as ripe for a notable precipitation event.

But what marked this latitude as well? (It was most interesting to see how the tech-weather folks thought the heaviest snow would fall in a band north of the Twin Cities and passing through Duluth, but it “set up”—as they like to say—in a band right through the Twin Cities.)

It’s not exactly that Mercury, lord of the Moon’s sign, Virgo, in the fourth quarter chart also appears in water sign Scorpio, near the meridian, and close to the degree of the solar eclipse of 13 November. That indicates that somewhere in the zone would get dumped on.

Bear in mind too that Scorpio doesn’t act by partial measures—it’s the sign of extremes.

And as C.C. Zain emphasized in Weather Predicting, the horizon (particularly the eastern side, the Ascendant) is a significant consideration. In this chart, Capricorn is rising, with Mars and Pluto there.

Now, despite my recent studies in traditional and Hellenistic astrological techniques, I admit that the “modern planets”—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—are useful in interpreting weather charts. But I won’t go so far as to call Pluto the lord of Scorpio. Mars is. But together at the Ascendant, the two indicate a potent event happening here, especially considering their linkage by angles with the Moon, Saturn and Venus.

Want more evidence of Scorpio’s all-or-nothing nature? Around here the shift went in the course of one day from snow drought—a deficit of nearly a foot of snowfall for the season to date, as compared to the average—to plenty. It’s enough to stimulate some realistic hope for next year.

As for the timing, a day “early,” that is related to the Moon. The seasonal chart, which Zain termed a “Temperature Chart,” showed a basically dry season between September 22 and December 21: dry Aquarius on the lower meridian, with lord Saturn late in dry Libra close to the early Scorpio Ascendant.

Saturn’s shift into Scorpio, in concert with Capricorn rising in the fourth-quarter chart, shows this area primed for cooler weather—October 2012, when Saturn changed signs, marked the end of a streak of above-normal temperature dating back to June 2011. (The true weirdness, though, comes in when realizing this: “March 2012 with an average temperature of 48.3 degrees was warmer than October 2012 with an average temperature of 47.5 degrees. This is the first time in the threaded Twin Cities record (1872-2012) that this has happened.” – Minnesota Climatology Working Group)

But to get back to this event, the timing to the day was this: Moon closing in on the position of Saturn and the Ascendant in the season chart. At sunup on the ninth, as the snowstorm was organizing into more potent form than the tech-weather folks had figured, Moon was at 25 degrees Libra, with the seasonal Saturn position at 29 Libra and Ascendant at just over 1 Scorpio. By 8:30 a.m., Moon was passing the zenith for the day as they sat amazed at their computer screens and the rest of us prepared for the first round of shoveling or contemplated risking the roads. By 4 p.m. Moon was in the first degree of Scorpio, and the snow was still falling, though the temperature had remained a steady 32 degrees all day. Before sunup on the tenth, Moon passed Saturn and the temperature had dropped to 15. Every available plow, snow-blower, shovel and scraper was in action.

Long story short: the Twin Cities region was in the bulls-eye for this one.



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