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Immanent Future 09/07/2013

Posted by zoidion in History, Mundane.

In a dramatic and riveting second stage of an incipient Islamic democratic revolution, massive public demonstrations in Egypt against President Mohamed Morsi have moved the army to remove him from office. (According to BBC News, Morsi’s removal was announced on 3 July at 21:00 local time, Cairo.)

There is much confusion about what has already taken place in the streets, including reports of army units opening fire on a crowd of Morsi supporters at prayer; there are also reports of dozens of murders of supporters of the revolution by Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, along with statements of intentions to kill anyone anywhere who fails to subscribe to approved beliefs.

What does seem clear is that an attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to undo the movement toward democracy in Egypt has been foiled—at least for now. For the Brotherhood has long been demonstrably and violently opposed to any social evolution outside the control of rigid religious law.

Revolts in favor of individual freedom—the freedom to explore and become what each individual feels called to be—is the essence of the Age of Aquarius. (I agree with David Roell’s contention that this year marks the first century of that Age.) The Age of Pisces, when in large parts of the world religious authorities held the force of law, is over. But that does not, to my mind, mean that certain portions of the world could, for a time, remain controlled by holdouts.

But what furthermore seems clear is the confirmation that this time is a most crucial one of collective decision.

Consider the planetary arrangement at the inception of the Islamic era.  The Islamic calendar—the framework in time for the playing out of Islamic religion, law and culture—is rooted in the sighting of the new crescent Moon after sunset on 18 July 622 (according to the Gregorian calendar) at Medina. Remember that the importance of that moment is represented in every national flag throughout the Islamic realm. (The chart is calculated for sunset, though the sighting of the Moon would likely have occurred somewhat later.)


This sky followed that of the New Moon that was a partial solar eclipse in the tropical zodiac sign of Cancer, though the crescent Moon at the time of sighting was located in the sign of Leo—a reversal of where each has its “domicile”: home and most comfortable area of being and operation. So at the beginning, there was a discordance between the impulses toward selfhood and emotional security.

In between Sun and Moon, low to the horizon, was Saturn, lord of the Ascendant: stern, limiting, would-be-controlling Saturn—in exile in the sign of Leo. The energy of the king, caliph, leader—rather than guiding and blessing—would often be oppressive; with Saturn also in conjunction with the North lunar node, there would be a compulsion, continually, to seek control. No letup. No accommodation. No “tolerance.”

That would be the norm, the dominant strain, especially when the culture—as for the past two centuries, beset with profound economic and political challenges from the West—was under great tension: threatened on a survival level.

The great internal challenge for Islamic culture would be to recognize and embrace the feminine side of human existence, as represented by the Moon’s close proximity (yet not quite there) to the other prime feminine energy embodied in Venus. This would be the conjunction of mother energy with erotic/sexual energy. But both are in Leo, a masculine sign where neither has strength by dignity.

Mercury, also in Leo and lacking dignity, was already ahead of both. The life of the mind in the realm, so rich in mathematical, astronomical and astrological understanding, could not substantially affect the disposition of the maternal and the erotic—despite the contributions of such as Rumi and Kabir.

Mars was the most elevated planet in the sky and lord of the Midheaven, befitting the astounding militancy that so rapidly expanded the Islamic realm. Mars too lacked dignity by sign.

Not so Jupiter, in domicile in Pisces, the sign of the Age, the Age of Faith (in much of the world). Thus, the Islamic impulse was in response to the call that characterized two millennia. But at the time of the Hijra, Jupiter was retrograde, signaling a degree of debility or delay or misdirection of the call to faith.

Jupiter opposed a rare (approximately every 170 years) conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in detailed Virgo, denoting a radical departure from the religion of the ultimate Piscean, Jesus of Nazareth, whose message above all was that love is the law.

The Islamic path, while prominently requiring giving to the poor and prohibiting usury (a gross indulgence in the West of late), specifies so many requirements of a righteous life in detail. The five pillars are worthy: belief, prayer, charitable giving, fasting during the month of Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca, But then there is the knotty concept of jihad.

Today, at sunset, the month of Ramadan begins. Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, the months shift around the solar year. But this year, the beginning of Ramadan is similar to the Islamic birth moment: The Sun is in Cancer, the Moon in Leo. Again, the Moon is moving toward Venus.

Ramadan beginning 2013

More unusually, Mercury (in apparent retrograde motion) is cazimi: an Arabic term: “in the heart of the Sun.” In terms of planetary geometry, Mercury is exactly aligned with Sun and Earth, in between: “inferior conjunction.” And even more unusually, the Moon occulted Mercury three-and-a-half hours after the New Moon moment, in a lineup of Earth, Moon, Mercury, Sun.

This is a moment for seeding different modes and altering habits of thought—and of seizing available means of communication—the plethora of channels particular to this Internet moment—to foster a mass-healing way.

A rare triangle of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune symbolizes the potential for a spiritual shift embodied in political form. With Saturn stationary direct placed exactly on the Midheaven and lord of the Ascendant, there can be no doubt that the struggle (jihad) ahead will be prolonged and arduous. With the Moon at a tight right angle to Saturn, there can be no doubt that there will be much popular suffering. There is great determination in the popular mind for self-determination, as well as on the part of those who would control and repress the forces of change. But Jupiter, symbol of growth, is now exalted in the protective, maternal sign of Cancer.

Therein lies the hope.

There are momentous issues for millions to contemplate and decide, within each heart and mind throughout the Islamic realm and diaspora, during this month of fasting and prayer. Much of the imminent future will be determined in this month.

I have been thinking of the difference

between water and the waves on it.

Rising, water’s still water, falling back, it is water.

Will you give me a hint how to tell them apart?

– Kabir, Number 22, Forty-Four of the Ecstatic Poems of Kabir, versions by Robert Bly, 1971

(with many thanks to TF)

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P.S. In an email received immediately after posting this, TF said: “The Arabs are increasingly concerning. Their hatred is so deep that many simply can’t see us a human beings. This comes from several years of looking thousands of them in the face and helping them. These people will not moderate. If anything they get even more harsh over time. There are hard things coming, although I don’t know what. We must face the possibility of the years that America has been [a] fundamentally safe place may be coming to an end for a while. Weird.”



1. starjoy967@aol.com - 09/07/2013


2. Dave Roell - 10/07/2013

Hello Zodion, my thanks for the plug. As I see it, it’s not that religious forces burn out in the Aquarian Age, but that the age is susceptible to tribes and factionalism in ways that simplistic Pisces was not. Religious factions will be part of that. The difference is that monolithic religions, such as Suni Moslems, will break into various militant pieces. As Christians already have, by the way.

So far as TF’s comment, they hate us, they hate us, they hate us, I disagree completely. The US has gone to war twice with Iraq, with Afghanistan, with Libya, is attempting to overthrow the government in Syria and is meddling in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. The imposition of the Israeli state on the Middle East was not of Islamic doing, nor was the division of North Africa and the Middle East itself into European client states at the end of WWI anything the locals were asked about. The west has a full century of interfering in their affairs. For a comparable interference by Islam in Europe you must go back a full millennia. You will note in the history of the Crusades how initial Crusader victories led to their eventual expulsion, even with the construction of some amazing fortifications.

There is general unease in the Hezbollah sections of Beirut, that the downfall of the Assad regime will put intolerable stress on them, which has led them to assist the current Syrian regime. Which has provoked the Israelis into car bombing Beirut in an effort to destabilize them. The thought has certainly occurred to Hassan Nasrallah that he could end his people’s misery by simply invading and conquering Israel itself. This is impossible, you say? Hezbollah has already defeated the Israeli army in open combat. We are only talking about degree here. Nobody wants to go back to the civil war of the 1980’s, and nobody wants a repeat of the wanton destruction of 2006. Some very powerful forces are starting to assemble, they have no choice but to do so.

3. RogerI - 13/07/2013

I like your insight and even-handedness. Roger

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