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Historic Proportions 12/02/2014

Posted by zoidion in forecast, Weather.
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Twin Cities ephemera: We must be catching the airflow from the Pacific for a change, rather than from the Arctic: The temperature reached the freezing mark today.

The Sun has lately been rising noticeably to the north of its rising point at the solstice, and is arcing a little higher through the sky, its effect a bit stronger.

Several well-below-freezing days in a row, I’ve plucked icicles from the leaky seam of the gutter that we rigged up on the garage a couple of years ago. It gets me thinking about the rush of water that will come off that roof: gets me thinking about a quick and temporary leader to keep that water from running away, down the drain, before I get the barrels in place.

Capture, store in the soil and use during dry spells: That’s the principle.

At the same time as our hint of a thaw, a colder blob of air is still drifting over the southeastern United States, setting up conditions for some degree of a replay of the ice storm and attendant disruptions that hit Georgia in late January. Time will tell how the forecasts play out, but as of yesterday a storm of “historic proportions” was expected.

The situation seems to be an illustration of a principle that deserves to be etched into the memory, or at least underlined in all capital letters in a notebook, of anyone seeking to understand and anticipate major weather events astrologically:

    Major events occur during periods when the configuration present in a lunation (a New, Full or Quarter Moon) dynamically activates relevant planets in the chart for the season.

One indication that the current season would be a major departure from typical for the locale of Atlanta, for example, is the astrological condition of the crucial lower meridian (the “bottom” of the vertical axis), where twenty-five degrees of Gemini resided.


Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, on the upper meridian represents that the season in significant respects would be, in effect, upside down, with notably fickle winds. As Mr. Kahn’s article mentions, a region where rain and high temperatures in the 50s Fahrenheit are to be expected, a cold wave in early January took temperatures as low as six degrees at Atlanta, and, late in the month, an ice storm caused traffic gridlock that made international news and triggered political mayhem, with thousands of car collisions and many drivers abandoning their vehicles to take shelter wherever. Very tricksy, very mercurial.

The key indicator for this week’s trials are the positions of the Sun and Moon in the First Quarter Moon chart: aligned to the degree with the Moon in the season chart, and still in close alignment with Saturn in the season chart. In general, Moon-Saturn translates as: cold rain. The First Quarter Moon says: now.

Confirmation: The declinations (angular distance north or south of the celestial equator) of Sun, Moon and Saturn in the First Quarter chart. They are locked in, indicating atmospheric conditions ready for an event of significance.

Another piece of now: Mercury’s advancement to, and retrograde station upon, the place of Neptune in the season chart. Neptune represents the fluke-conditions factor: Peculiar atmospheric and ground-temperature conditions are required to produce the devastation of an ice storm.

Still another activator: Mars’ advancement–slowly, slowly, as Mars approaches retrograde station on 1 March–to a sixty-degree angle with Mercury in the season chart.

No wonder there is so much mention of emergency preparedness at this time, amid the prospects for paralysis of transportation and power-transmission.

But where? The axes of the First Quarter Moon chart identify the southeastern U.S. region in question: The ascendant (the eastern side of the horizon) in water sign Cancer is close to the lower meridian of the season chart, and the Quarter chart’s upper meridian connects with the ascendant of the season chart in water sign Pisces.

With the coming Full Moon (14 February) tangled up with Mercury–the latter conjunct the Sun as Mercury passes between Sun and Earth, with Moon on the opposite side of Earth–it is quite likely that weather-related problems will be of extended duration. Many preppers’ preparations will be put to the test.

The winds (represented in general by Mercury) must be fickle indeed to bring a dangerous and memorable ice storm to Atlanta while the Twin Cities enjoy the relief, however brief, of a hard-earned thaw.

The Mercury retrograde period (which began 6 February) lives up to its reputation for mischief.

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