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The Rains in the Plains 26/05/2014

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Twin Cities ephemera: The season’s pattern of wet chill has shifted to above-average temperature in the past few days. The jack-in-the-pulpit plants–many of them–have erupted out of the ground, though so far I only see two little leafy stems from the dozen or so roots of solomon’s seal that I plugged into the then-frozen ground not that long ago.

Enough sun has shone on the ground to push the soil temperature into the sixties. 

Accordingly, I expect to be seeing more tender stalks of the Mandan Bride corn within the next few days. Two days after the New Moon on the 28th, when the Moon enters the very fertile water sign Cancer, I’ll add the seeds for the beans that will climb up the corn stalks, and the seeds for the squash (delicata, I think) that will cover the ground around them. This is a first for me: “the three sisters.” Barring high winds–unlikely here in Shady Hollow–or hail, it could be a glorious scene come late summer.

Two notable rainstorms made the news in the past two weeks following the Full Moon on 14 May. The week of the Full Moon was the season’s crucial week: The Full Moon with Saturn replicated that combination in the season chart.

Welcome rains–not without the usual problems of hail and flash flooding–fell on the High Plains of west Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas: the most in nine months. It was far from a drought-buster: An extended shift in the dry pattern would be needed. And anyway: Drought is the norm for that region: Big changes will be forced upon it: Changes that will require living within its natural limits.

It’s instructive to see the relevant chart differences between here and there (focusing on Amarillo, Texas). It’s a difference of ten degrees in latitude, eight in longitude.


It shifts the crucial lower meridian from cool Virgo to hot Leo (ruled by the Sun in warm, dry Aries), the ascendant from wet Cancer to dry Gemini (ruled by Mercury, conjunct Neptune, close to the upper meridian in wet Pisces). The astro-potential is there for a fluke rain incident at some point in the season.

It came along right on schedule, when the May fourth quarter lunation chart featured a one-degree-different Gemini ascendant, this time with Mercury in conjunction. Mercury relates to wind factors, and Gemini to duplicity. There was a strange and rare phenomenon at play that brought significant rain to that region: a persistent low-pressure area to the west that drew in two streams of moisture: one from the Pacific, across northern Mexico, and one from the Gulf of Mexico. They converged over the High Plains, bringing over three inches of rain in some spots.

The other major astrological factor was the Moon in Pisces, conjunct the place of Mercury in the season chart, with Neptune on the upper meridian.

One-hundred-and-thirty degrees to the east, however, disaster befell the Balkans. The deluge–primarily affecting Bosnia and Serbia–seemed triggered by the Full Moon on the 14th, which was preceded (seven hours earlier) by an occultation of Saturn by the Moon: a similar situation to what occurred on 20 March. I took that (the occultation on the date of the season chart) to be an indication of deepening water-related problems, a general sense of crises suddenly worsening.

Indications for the season began with the season’s start minutes after sunset: a weak moment for the prospects of the status quo (amply demonstrated by events in and around Ukraine). The potential for a fast-developing disaster was further represented by Pluto near the lower meridian, closely configured with Uranus and Jupiter. The only ingredient missing was a trigger: Mars, stationary direct (a moment of special potency) in a closer configuration with those three at the time of the flood disaster.


Plus the water-disaster symbolism of Moon / Saturn – Venus in the season chart was grounded at that locality, where the lower meridian was at the midpoint of those planets.

The Full Moon added Venus (moisture) to the much-discussed “Grand Cross” combination. With the meridian in the Full Moon chart in alignment with the zero degrees Aries-Libra axis, the heavens and earth were aligned and ready for what would be. Que sera sera.

The Balkans disaster comes with a typical sign of climate change impacts in this era of deepening financial and resource limits: “Bosnia and Serbia could be saddled with several billions in recovery costs from the record flooding of the past week, but neither country has the available funds. . . . The flooding affected 40 percent of Bosnia . . . It wrecked the main agriculture industry in the northern flatlands, wiping out infrastructure, farms, buildings and homes. One quarter of the country’s 4 million people have been affected by the six days of floods and 2,100 landslides.”

To make the situation even more dangerous: The floods unearthed thousands of unexploded munitions left over from the ethnic-cleansing wars of the 1990s: gifts that keep on giving.




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