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Summer 2014 Forecast 12/06/2014

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Twin Cities ephemera: After a brilliant start to the day, after a bit of rain overnight, the clouds moved back in under a northwest breeze. The temperature managed only a nudge up to sixty. Fairly typical for September, not for nine days before the summer solstice.

I’m not really complaining, mind you. Truth is, the area has been blessed with many glorious days in the past month: sunny, enjoyably warm days, gentle nights pleasantly cool for sleeping. I’ve only turned on the fan a few brief times.

In the garden, the berries on the red currant bushes are plump but still green. The corn is a good six inches high, and the beans–some of them from the “Rattlesnake” variety seeds I acquired last fall at the “permaculture skillshare”–are coming up nicely around them.

In the herb area, the lovage that I introduced a year ago from a root division was getting too big already, throwing too much shade on the echinacea. So I did the rude thing: cut it back and moved it. The root mass was quite impressive, so I’m confident that it will be back in business shortly.

I also did the first cutting (probably of three) of the comfrey, and spread the leaves among the established veggies. There’s also been plenty of plucking to do of rogue comfrey: Last year I was trying in vain to eradicate the many sprouts from the herb area, but when I consulted a more experienced gardener he just said: Chop and drop it. Well, okay. In time, I suppose, they may give up where I don’t want them. Maybe.

While there has been much to do to (somewhat) tame the first explosive growth of the season, I did manage to get out to a gathering about the “Toxic Taters” campaign: the effort to raise public awareness about the impacts of drifting pesticides from aerial spraying of vast potato-growing tracts in central and northwestern Minnesota (and other parts of the country). The main offender is the number one potato producer, Ron D. Offutt (RDO): a major supplier of potatoes for McDonald’s french fries. We heard how RDO has for some years been growing organic potatoes for McDonald’s outlets on the “left coast,” but not here–though McDonald’s promised to “look into it” several years ago. The personal testimony of health effects and threats–from a member of the White Earth Ojibwe tribe and from a paleface woman–was chilling.

For the city folks in attendance, one of the evening’s more sobering graphics was the map of Minnesota potato territory: extending to the northwestern edge of the metropolitan area. Click the link, become informed, get involved.

And now to the subject of summer weather . . . 


Outline for the season in the upper Mississippi River basin: Summer 2014

The season overall can be expected to be somewhat drier than the spring, with continuing below-average temperatures. Notable weather periods: the Fourth of July weekend (especially Saturday-Sunday the fifth and sixth), early and mid-August, and the first half of September.

Here’s the season chart:

Cancer Ingress 2014

Primary indicators: cool, dry earth sign Virgo on lower meridian (same as in spring chart), ruler Mercury retrograde in cool, dry air sign Gemini; fog-or-flood Neptune conjunct upper meridian (awaiting activation); Sun conjunct Cancer ascendant, with ruler Moon in warm, dry fire sign Aries.


Week by Week


Fourth Quarter: 19 – 26 June
Cool, with intermittent storms and variable winds.

New Moon: 27 June – 4 July
Drying, a run of warmer weather beginning 29 June.

First Quarter: 5 – 11 July
Warmer with notable thunderstorm / wind impacts early in period.

Full Moon: 12 – 18 July
Dry and warmer overall, with gradual increase in incidence of sudden local storms.

Last Quarter: 19 – 26 July
Pleasant, with temperate “growing rains.”

New Moon: 27 July – 2 August
Cool dry spell: an outbreak of northern air.

First Quarter: 3 – 9 August
Warmer, with heavy storms early in period. (Major storms in high plains / Rocky Mountain region, especially south.)

Full Moon: 10 – 16 August
Major storms with high winds to mark the Full Moon, turning much cooler.

Last Quarter: 17 – 24 August
Warming, dry, windy.

New Moon: 25 August – 1 September
Rain early in period, continuing unsettled.

First Quarter: 2 – 8 September
Stormy through central region, with gradual easing of intensity.

Full Moon: 9 – 15 September
Wet with turbulent winds beginning 10 September, especially 13 September.

Last Quarter: 16 – 23 September
Wet, especially 17 – 18 September.





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