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National Past Time 16/10/2014

Posted by zoidion in Event, Hellenistic, Long Emergency.
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Twin Cities ephemera: The scene seemed almost like Tucson before dawn this morning, when I stepped outside to view the sky: the relative clarity of the atmosphere, the brightness of the waning Moon approaching Jupiter, one-and-a-half fists (at arm’s length) apart. Eighteen degrees, according to the computer. What a wondrous sight to behold, while noting the stillness of the air, the not-darkness of the leaves clinging in their final days to the massive silver maple tree in the yard to the south (making it impractical to install solar power panels or a solar hot water rig over here), the distant noise from the rail yard and the Interstate.
Unlike Tucson, there was a light frost settled on the insulated roof of M’s studio, but not on the kale. There has been frost nearly every morning for the past two weeks. But frost doesn’t count as precipitation: Like dew, it’s condensation. Thus, the rain gauge was empty yet again, for the eleventh day in a row.
The thirteenth was a still, cloudy day, but I never had the sense that rain would fall. The next morning, soon after sunrise, the wind rose and blew the clouds away quickly and dramatically, from northwest to southeast. Otherwise, the weather lately has been consistently sunny. It’s been a lovely period.
With only light frosts that haven’t reached under the Colorado spruce tree out front, the extensive patch of Purple-flowered touch-me-not (Impatiens balsamina), which I started about eight years ago from a dozen or so seeds collected from a neighbor’s now-vanished patch, remains standing and flowering.

Meanwhile, out in the wide world, there’s a whole lot of fear and blame-mongering, and a bit of sense  about Ebola virus disease (EVD) reaching America, and the performance of the nation’s disease control system.

Mary Odum–an adjunct nursing professor with a background in critical care, and a PhD in health policy–summarizes some of the casual behaviors called into question:

TSA used gloves to pat me down, but they were not washing their hands after contact with people. Boarding passes, drivers licenses, and credit cards were swiped and exchanged, along with bills and coins. I saw a large homeless population on the waterfront in San Francisco with no access to bathrooms or handwashing, who were using the streets as open latrines. I saw prostitutes. Hotels had carpets and mattresses that would defy cleaning in an outbreak.
I saw people hugging, and shaking hands, and doing all kinds of human, caring, or even loving things that would be extinguished in a pandemic.

As with the recent incident of sabotage of the air traffic control system in the Chicago area, some of the flaws–or call it institutional incompetence–in the system are being revealed. In the Dallas hospital, the foolishness of profit-bolstering short-staffing and shortcuts is being revealed.
(As John Michael Greer has put it on occasion: What we have in America is capitalism on the cheap.)
I’ve been pondering the Ebola situation from an astrological perspective, going back to 1976 (the American bicentennial year), when the first case of Ebola in a human was identified. That occurred on 26 August–the day after a New Moon in health-related Virgo–in the village of Yambuku, in the Mongala district of Zaire.
The year chart for 1976–the Aries ingress on 20 March–at that location had several features that now take on a darker hue. The Sun was in the ninth sector, ordinarily a positive indication relating to international concerns, travel, higher learning and (perhaps not so positive) organized religion; but that zero-degrees Aries Sun was governed by Mars at one degree of Cancer: a tight configuration representing problematic circumstances: a difficult fight. (Those planetary positions were “stimulated” when Pluto reached zero Capricorn in 2008, and Uranus–along with Jupiter–reached zero Aries in 2010.)


(The chart location is the town nearest the village cited.)

(The chart location is the town nearest the village cited.)


“Innocent” Mercury–the bringer of messages, the transmitter–was also in the ninth sector, indicating that “whatever” could be distributed far and wide. Plus, Mercury was in the universal, indiscriminate sign of Pisces: sign of “detriment.”
And another “detriment” was in the picture: Saturn, also in Cancer: Mars and Saturn straddling the horizon. Not good. Not good at all. Mars and Saturn together in the same sign is an indication of hard, brutal, woeful times. Rather like August and the first part of September 2014, when the overlooked ISIS warband reared its ugly head in the Middle East and America admitted defeat by launching airstrikes in what “leaders” spoke of as a thirty-years war.
Note that Ebola first emerged from the jungle as Mercury and Mars together entered the sign of Libra, in tight configuration with Sun and Mars in the year chart.
And yet the disease mostly slumbered for decades.
Is there an indication for Ebola’s re-emergence in more virulent form in 2014? There is: The solar eclipse–indicating a crisis or turning point–of 29 April 2014 “matched” the solar eclipse of 29 April 1976 (as well as one midway, in 1995).
The April 2014 eclipse was rising (with Mercury) over west Africa, breaking humanity’s slumber. (The April 1976 eclipse culminated at local noon–in conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter, while Mars and Saturn were only six degrees apart–over Zaire.)
In the midst of a new round of horrors in the Middle East, on 8 August 2014, the World Health Organization issued a declaration about the seriousness of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa. As happens several times a year, on that day the planet Mercury was in exact conjunction with the Sun. In the terminology of Hellenistic astrologers, Mercury was “combust”: its astrological function of comprehension and communication “burned up” in the solar fire.
But there are actually two distinctly different kinds of Mercury-Sun conjunctions: superior (when Mercury is “direct” in motion, when Mercury is on the far side of the Sun from Earth) and inferior (when Mercury is “retrograde” in motion, when Mercury is between Sun and Earth). The August conjunction was of the superior variety.
On that occasion and for weeks afterward, the message was largely unnoticed.
Over the past several weeks, however, as Ebola has traveled out of Africa, the message has been heard loud if not clear.
Now–today–Mercury is again in conjunction (inferior, retrograde) conjunction with Sun–as Venus is closing in on superior conjunction. This is an unusual, pregnant moment.
It’s time to get quiet–perhaps to meditate–with ears pricked and eyes open.




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