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Satisfied Mind / Idiot Wind 24/10/2015

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Twin Cities ephemera: How does that old song go: “Satisfied Mind”? I can’t quite recall. But that’s how I feel just now, this Saturday morning. Satisfied in mind and belly, because I’ve just pushed back from the table and a now-empty breakfast bowl that started out steaming with mostly homegrown ingredients: potato, groundnuts, broccoli. And I’ve pulled a baked homegrown spaghetti squash out of the oven, and heard the whistling release after poking a testing knife into it. 

Typically, some reading material was next to the bowl: the latest Land Stewardship Letter. As usual, it’s full of both hopeful and discouraging tales: an established farmer making an acre available to a young couple as an opportunity to get their feet wet and hands dirty, immigrants (the bulk of those doing the dirty and dangerous rural work) struggling with the realities of wage theft (estimated at over $11 million a week in Iowa alone).

I’m under few illusions about my isolated situation: While I admire the cozy-looking yellow-and-red leafy blankets on my raised bed and wrapped around the feathery new asparagus plants, all around the neighbors are running the lawn mowers and leaf blowers (surely one of the all-time most idiotic inventions), and bagging up the “yard waste” for pickup and export by those rumbling, belching, tax-paid trucks. Wasted opportunities aplenty.

But as I look at my yard and recall my efforts, I ease my mind and take comfort in a good year here. Here near the center of North America, far from heating oceans and melting ice. Yet not immune to the effects of human-forced climate chaos.

Patricia, the latest massive hurricane, has struck the western coast of Mexico with record force and threatens already-flooded Texas and lower Mississippi valley.  “[Patricia’s moisture will] will add to an already dangerous flooding situation unfolding across the eastern two-thirds of Texas. Heavy rain is already causing flash flooding across parts of north and central Texas. Corsicana, Texas, has already received more than 18 inches of rain since Thursday, causing serious flash flooding.”

It’s reminiscent of Hurricane Joaquin, which spared the U.S. east coast a major blow, but devastated the eastern islands of the Bahamas and fed the inundation of South Carolina.

Astro-meteorologically, these mega-storms are expressions of an extended period marked by an unusual configuration: Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

(Here’s how the cluster in Virgo appeared with the old Moon and the bright star Regulus on the morning of 9 October.)


As Vermont has had to do in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene (2011), South Carolina faces the daunting task of conducting infrastructure triage. But it’s not as if no clues were available: For one thing, the chart for the state’s readmission to the Union in 1868 has infrastructure symbol Saturn in the first degree of Sagittarius: the spot transited by Saturn three times in the past year, including the week preceding the inundation. Plus, the cosmic pattern of 1868 has been in the cross-hairs of the major feature of the past several years:  the Uranus-Pluto configuration.


But Koch-servative politicians said no way to a proposal to raise some taxes to fund road repairs. Not that tax changes would help much to repair the damage imposed by a dumb and unsustainable development pattern and energy-wasting transportation system. Apparently there’s too little recognition of the sea change that’s upon everyone, or too little vision to change course.

Oh well. As the saying goes: It’s an idiot wind indeed that blows no good.




1. Mary Louise Turner - 28/10/2015

So glad you posted this picture! I love it! Loved the South Carolina chart too. Hope their recovery won’t be too long and costly for their sakes. Your insights bring clarity. Thanks. 🙂

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