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Dilma’s Downfall 05/09/2016

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Twin Cities ephemera: The moments of renewal, or reassurance, are sweet indeed: happening, after breaking the stems of the infernal bindweed, after noting the leaves perforated by Japanese beetles, upon the wondrous sight of a few virgin raspberry canes:


finding a few ripe raspberries to add to my pancakes (pausing along the way to blow away a renegade ant): noting that there are fewer mosquitoes after five (!) straight days without rain: a visit from the bold gray bird that loves elderberries, though only the deep purple ribs of their umbels remain: an opportunity to lie down on the deck, wispy sky above and book in between: James Howard Kunstler’s The Harrows of Spring, with titles of fiddle tunes for which to search (“The Stool of Repentance,” “Hollow Poplar,” “Two Rivers Waltz”) along with more curious musical pieces (Erik Satie’s “Reveries and Nocturnes”): introducing new plants (spotted dead nettle, Lamium maculatum — “dead” because it doesn’t sting) that have culinary value.

Through it all, the joy of sensation: the soft air caressing my skin.

But the losses are many: the eight-foot sunflower “tree” that tipped over onto the squash zone: I’d so wanted to observe it through the fall and winter, turning brown, then gray, adding a mantle of snow, showing off its majesty with icicles. The patch of rose hips — with its rich potential for fortifying against winter and early spring illness — growing next to a neighboring garage: cut down, nearly the first bit of work done by the new occupant of the house. The denuding of another nearby yard when that property changed hands. And at still another location — only a block away — a spot formerly occupied by bushes and a bit of undergrowth now sporting a fresh patch of sod, a water sprinkler going and going in this near-record-wet summer to get it to “take.”

What is it with this mania for a generic, lifeless landscape?

Just one of many effects, it makes heavy demands on our rivers and aquifers — yes, even here, along the Mississippi River — as a recent story in the StarTribune newspaper reported: The difference in metro area water usage, between winter low and summer high, is eight billion gallons, the bulk of it going to lawns. At current rates, some aquifers could drop by forty feet over the next fifteen years, presupposing the expected 400,000 growth in human population. (Not at all likely, in my view — especially as trends in declining public health, and costly and increasingly ineffectual conventional medical care continue.)

Are many people mentally and practically ready for the next, imminent collapse in business as usual? When so many behaviors such as these are in evidence, it appears not.

Venezuela in the tank, now Brazil. National dependency upon petro revenue a major factor in both. Democratic functions in ruins. Masses of people desperate for the basics of life, with “austerity” measures in place, squeezing the poor / enriching the rich. Not a formula for political stability.

The fall — impeachment and removal from office — of President Dilma Rousseff deepens Brazil’s crisis, formally ending thirteen years of rule by the Workers’ Party.

The 61-20 vote by the Senate took place on 31 August, the day before a solar eclipse (symbolically, a break in the established pattern) in the same zoidion as the Sun in the Brazilian independence chart (7 September 1822, 4:47 p.m., Sao Paolo*). The Sun: representing the ruling class, with roots deeper and resources stronger than workers’. It was a claw-back coup.

For some years under the Workers’ Party, when the Brazilian economy was growing along with its oil industry (Petrobras), there was enough surplus in the system to grant boons to the struggling millions. But when world oil prices plummeted a couple of years ago, and Petrobras ran into trouble, the writing was on the wall. Austerity was imposed, and millions were thrown back into destitution — while the state poured resources into construction for the just-concluded Rio Olympics.

The all-but-inevitable vote was put off until after the Games.

For Rousseff herself, the indications of a great rise and fall are clear: Saturn without dignity (in detriment in the zoidion Leo) in the tenth place of her chart.** (The same placement as in Hillary Clinton’s, by the way, though in Clinton’s case the indications are worse: likely disgrace in a military debacle.)


One can see how Rousseff was riding high, with ominous clouds on the horizon, when she was inaugurated: The Sun in the inaugural chart, flanked by Mars and Pluto, conjunct her natal Moon position: the workers’ darling who had survived imprisonment and torture, but contained by powerful, well-organized forces she could not control. The inaugural Moon conjunct natal Mercury-Jupiter: the sense that the common people were in tune with her thinking and articulated principles. Inaugural Mercury conjunct natal Sun: the experience and conviction of speaking with authority: that her voice could / would carry the era.

Her personal transits for her re-election (26 October 2014) show the weakness of her popularity, and the imminence of the crisis: the Sun with Venus (the latter lacking dignity in Scorpio) exactly upon her natal ascendant, while Jupiter (transiting her tenth place of public position and reputation) was closing in on the last-quarter phase with Saturn, within their twenty-year cycle.) The crashing waves of economic and political crisis were rolling in.


As Saturn over the next year moved into Sagittarius, Rousseff had less and less room for maneuver: Saturn moved to the place of natal Mercury-Jupiter. What could she say to restore faith among those whose hopes had been crushed by austerity?

And Saturn continued moving on, toward natal Sun: lord of her tenth place zoidion, Leo, where sits natal Saturn. Indications were increasingly clear that she could not last, that the vote was a foregone conclusion. Even as many senators themselves were subjects of criminal investigation.

As so often when Saturn occupies the tenth place in a natal chart (and especially when debilitated), circumstances and opposition proved more than a match for Dilma Rousseff.

But it takes a special brand of creep to dedicate his vote to impeach (in April 2016) to the colonel who led a torture unit during the dictatorship. One of whose victims was the president herself.

-< zoidion>-

Happy Labor Day, recognizing those who organized to win for all (what used to be) the forty-hour work week, and the weekend.

* Source: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, 1999
** Source: Astrodatabank



1. Mary Louise Turner - 07/09/2016

Hello! As always, I enjoyed your musings. I didn’t know there was a “dead” nettles. It brought a smile to me as I recalled a reference in a fiction story where the author used nettles to create a rash on a main character. The character wanted a ship in 1743 to be quarantined under the ruse of a plague. Clever. Also, I’m glad you included your sources. It’s the first time I noticed them though you could have been posting them all along. I was thinking “where does he get these gems of information like Rousseff’s presidency”? Ask and you shall receive. Again, you nailed it in showing her rise and fall. How do you choose a subject to explore? I’m curious of your process.

2. zoidion - 07/09/2016

I agree: “dead” is a curious term for a plant that doesn’t sting, but offhand I can’t think of a better term. “Lame”? Nah.
As for choosing a subject, well, I take a cursory look at a lot of stories / persons in the news. Hence the “plethora” part of the blog name. But when some piece of it just seems to particularly click astrologically, that’s the one. When I noted the parallel between Rousseff and Clinton (born about six weeks apart), that was the clincher.
Once again, thanks for reading and making the effort to post a comment.

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