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New Morning 21/12/2017

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Read ye, read ye -~-

(the end of Astroplethorama as we know it)
and the beginning of . . . somethings different.

Five-and-a-half years of this is enough. Since Cancer solar ingress 2012, one-hundred-fifty-nine articles. Pretty good for quantity and quality, if I do say so myself.

During that spring of 2012, I began an intensive study of astro-meteorology, stimulated and aided by the republication of George J. McCormack’s Text-Book of Long-Range Weather Forecasting. (For years before that, I’d occasionally made note of the dates and planetary configurations of notable weather events.)

Fascination was mixed with a sobering statement on the copyright page.

This book was first published in 1947, by the author himself, in an edition limited to 100 copies. The copy from which this edition was made was composed of 59 hand-typed, single-spaced, one-sided letter-sized pages, bound in a blue 3-ring binder. The 100 copies—a life’s work— were very nearly lost altogether.

Re-publisher David Roell included another statement: Thanks to an individual in Sweden for the use of his copy.

Wow. That was very close to a forever loss. Not that the book is fantastic — my initial enthusiasm has cooled considerably. But I still consider it worth using and preserving for future generations.

And that’s a thought worth careful consideration in itself: What effort ought anyone to make to keep a given artifact out of the dumpster, the recycling bin, the midden—or wood stove?

So many vast mountain ranges of stuff have poured out of Industrial Age factories, and so much of it is utterly unworthy of preservation.

Some knowledge is valuable—especially knowledge that may help humans negotiate the long descent from industrial civilization to . . . what comes next. Which will have to be civilizations better able to live within the constraints imposed by Earth-based existence—civilizations without the Internet, for example.

I submit that knowledge of anticipating weather patterns, especially destructive events—in an era of human-induced climate chaos, in the eventual absence of the Internet and satellite-and-computer-dependent observation and analysis—is going to be useful. Ditto the capability of erecting and delineating natal horoscopes, beginning from the most basic determination: day or night?

This futuristic view—what some call “collapse-aware”—has taken shape over a longer period, beginning with a vague recognition in my teenage years. Studies such as Silent Spring and The Limits to Growth didn’t reach me, somehow, though they were certainly within the realm of my conservative tendencies.

Much later, after acquiring and reading James Howard Kunstler’s books The Geography of Nowhere and Return from Nowhere—about the configuration and effects of the suburban experiment in America—I bought and read his Long Emergency when it was published in 2005. The subtitle explains: “Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-first Century.”

It’s tough reading, I’ll grant you that. (One friend, similarly collapse-aware, has been unable to read it through.) But it’s plausible enough that it’s become one of the go-to books for folks on that edge of society. (Some call them “doomers”—accurate enough when one recognizes that the word “doom” connotes the earned effects of previous actions and inactions.)

Other individual writers came into view: Sharon Astyk, Carolyn Baker, Ellen Brown, John Michael Greer, Richard Heinberg, Toby Hemenway, George Monbiot, Mary Odum, Dmitry Orlov. And writing collectives and publishers such as Dark Mountain and Into the Ruins.

Those have had a profound influence on my thinking and behaviors.

Now—and I mean, now—the world is at the edge of a different era, a seismic shift, heralded astrologically by the ingress of Saturn into domicile Capricorn, very nearly coincident with the solar ingress into Capricorn. Joining Pluto in that zoidion—and joined there by Mars from mid-March to mid-May 2018, by Jupiter from December 2019 to December 2020, and by Mars again mid-February through March 2020—an extended period of further economic contraction and wealth concentration, deepening political troubles, and intensifying ecological upheavals comes into view.

These ingresses comprise a moment to stand up and take notice—and remain standing.

This is the context for announcing a book of instruction and, perhaps, inspiration. At the moment, I am well along in the process of producing a physical book including some of the posts from Astroplethorama. The lightly edited selections will retain “Twin Cities ephemera” observations, relevant charts and original accompanying photographs. In addition, the book will include an as-yet-undetermined number of new ones: examples of weather summaries of seasons from the perspective of unfolding solar, lunar and planetary cycles; directions for calculating charts “by hand” from printed tables; and others.

Scattered among the Astroplethorama pieces as well as in a section of their own, older and more recent photographs will appear, perhaps giving visual expression to some of the observations made with words.


A tentative chapter list in sequence, with initial publication dates and primary subjects, is as follows:

1. Eclipsed 27.08.17 Edmund Halley / solar eclipse path forecast [Hellenistic]
2. Surviving the Future 22.03.17 Transition thinker David Fleming [Hellenistic]
3. Shadow across America 05.08.17 Eclipse forecasts 2017
4. Stormwatch 23.02.17 Prospects for US putsch [eclipses]
5. Storm that Stopped the Boom 15.10.12 1987 UK storm [weather]
6. El Nino 03.12.14 Element patterns in weather cycles [weather]
7. Angry Flood 05.09.12 Beijing flash flood [weather]
8. Dilma’s Downfall 05.09.16 Brazil’s prime minister [Hellenistic]
9. Green Revolution 18.12.15 Eco-logician Masanubo Fukuoka [Hellenistic]
10. Peak Oil Power Play 14.05.14 Vietnam economic / political crisis [mundane]
11. Car Culture Casualty 11.07.16 Philando Castile killing by police [event]
12. Year Without Summer 29.12.16 Cold summer 1816 – New England, Europe [weather]
13. Indexing Weather 11.01.17 Indications of hard / easy winter [weather]
14. Golden Days 31.07.14 Lac Megantic oil train disaster / D. Roell tribute [event]
15. Every Day 25.05.16 Short- and long-vision science [Hellenistic]
16. Fracking Awful 18.09.13 Colorado deluge / pollution [weather]
17. Death of a Shalesman 03.04.16 Aubrey McClendon / shale oil fraud [Hellenistic]
18. Failure to Forecast 05.06.16 Indications of rain [weather]
19. Rain Bombs Away 04.08.16 Ellicott City MD flood [weather]
20. Planets and Civilizations 30.04.16 Rare convergences, past and future [cycles]
21. A Marked Life 28.07.16 Indications of personal confinement [Hellenistic]
22. Life of a Muse 19.12.12 Photographer Lee Miller [Hellenistic]
23. Passing of a Challenger 01.08.12 First U.S. female astronaut Sally Ride [Hellenistic]
24. Drought to Deluge to . . . 17.01.17 California climate chaos [weather]
25. Derecho 05.07.12 Straight-line windstorm [weather]
26. Sandy Lands 29.10.12 Superstorm Sandy 2012 [weather]
27. Kaleidoscopic Journey 03.11.16 Neptune cycle re: US federal government [mundane]
28. Season Shift 21.11.16 2001, 2009, 2017 U.S. inauguration charts [mundane]
29. Zombie Ideology 15.11.14 Montreal Protocol on chlorofluorocarbons [event]

My intention is to see this work into print and bound by Aries solar ingress 2018.

In the meantime, for those of you who can handle a dose of reality with your reality, or whatever, have a look at the web site Collapse of Industrial Civilization [hat tip to M] and then we’ll get back together and have a chat about the saturnine winter of 2017-18, and catch up, like that, ok?

Great, see ya then. Or at UAC in Chicago.



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