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Continued Chastening 01/02/2018

Posted by zoidion in agriculture, Weather.
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Heat, drought, wildfires, hurricane, another hurricane, still another hurricane, more wildfires, still more wildfires, deluges, mudslides, more drought.

And that’s just a bit more than six months’ worth of calamity for one rather big country, from a few months before to six months after the first total solar eclipse to cross said country in many decades.

It more than begins to look like a chastening — an instructional round of punishment from an offended Goddess.

A new Weather Underground drought-monitoring report has been issued, covering the three months November 2017 through January 2018.

It’s not pretty: “Drought conditions have returned to the southern High Plains, not to mention the Desert Southwest and parts of the Southeast, since fall.”

When one looks at the national map, it’s clear that more than half of the territory, and much more than half of the prime food-producing land, is experiencing some degree of drought. And some of it is already serious: “in Oklahoma, . . . 79 percent of the [winter wheat] crop [is] rated in poor or very poor condition.”

The referenced article mentions the new record rain-free stretch at Amarillo, Texas, located in one of the extreme-drought areas. Amarillo received no rain — zilch — for the entire three months, and for half of October. Nothing measurable since 13 October. That’s one-hundred-ten days and counting. (The previous record was seventy-five days, in 1956-57.)

It’s a useful lesson in recognizing indications of a pattern shift, using the Libra solar ingress (22 September 2017) as a base map.


The lower meridian is in Aries, a fire sign: one strong indication of regional dryness. Uranus close to the lower meridian is a reliable indication of an unusual situation, quite possibly a record-breaker. Jupiter at the upper meridian (marked by the circle with vertical line) also signals dry weather. Add Jupiter to Uranus and expect extreme conditions. (Remember that the Jupiter – Uranus configuration was in effect for most of the year, reflected in the chaotic, highly charged political atmosphere.)

The fourth-quarter lunation on 12 October had a possibly wet Cancer moon at the upper meridian (less potent weather-wise than the lower meridian), with Sol and Mercury about to rise in the east: dry indications.

Bear in mind: The season chart is the primary chart. The key movements are of Sol, Luna and planets in relation to the season chart.

The telltale signs are these: Venus (an indicator of moisture) crossing the place of Sol — moisture evaporating; Mercury crossing the place of Jupiter, showing a shift in the wind pattern toward drier conditions; and Sol reaching the upper meridian, exact on the 15th for Amarillo — the crucial pattern shift indicator.

Small comfort and no help: The city of Cape Town, South Africa, stricken with prolonged extreme drought, has already instituted water rationing. The human population is on course to exhaust its water supply by early April.

One might suppose that such increasing incidence of water-supply problems would induce great-volume water users — such as fracking operations — to change their wasteful ways. Especially when operating within and near drought areas such as Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Nah — what a silly notion — within the collective mindset of industrial civilization.

And so the chastening must continue, becoming more severe: Saturn has come home to roost in Capricorn.

The situation is rather like that in the familiar sour joke: The beatings will continue until morale-ity improves.



1. Mary Louise - 05/02/2018

Enjoyed your analysis of our weather patterns. We’re experiencing a minor to moderate drought here. Though we’ve had some precipitation, it’s not enough. Hopefully there will be rain/rainbows in the future.

zoidion - 06/02/2018

From what I’ve read, you may be getting some precip this week in your neck of the prairie, as the storm path shifts south.

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