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Consulting astrologer, writer, editor, gardener, old-time fiddler. Student of astrology since 1975, published writer since 1981, and more recently an enthusiastic investigator into Hellenistic techniques of delineation and weather patterns and events.


1. Carolynn Denny - 24/06/2013

Hello I was just in touch with Dave Roell after his AstroAmerica’s Newsletter for the week of June 25 Date: June 24, 2013 4:42:34 AM MDT (To: Carolynn Denny ) asking him if he knew anything about the floods in Alberta, Canada. June 20th, 2013 to present +. Especially Calgary, Alberta, High River, Alberta, Medicine Hat, Alberta and many, many other places – especially our Number One Highway that goes from West to East coasts of Canada. He directed me to your site and I was wondering if you had any info. thank you for your time. Carolynn

zoidion - 25/06/2013

Hi Carolyn,
I’ve read a bit about the Calgary flood (I’ve referred some others to a piece by Andrew Nikiforuk: http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2013/06/24/Calgary-Floods-Climate-Change/ ).
I’ll have some material on that situation in my next post. It was certainly a very strange week in the far Northwest of the continent: as the Alberta deluge was beginning, southwest Alaska has recording all-time high temps: on the 17th, Talkeetna recorded 96F–higher than Miami

Carolynn Denny - 25/06/2013

Thank you so much for this great article. Am looking forward to reading your takes on it. I really appreciate the time you took to reply.

2. MS - 26/02/2016

Hi Zoidion, I noticed your “recent enthusiasm” for Hellenistic astrology techniques and was surprised that you don’t yet list Chris Brennan’s TheAstrologyPodcast.com as a blog you follow. If you haven’t yet heard of it – you are in for a treat! He’s just released something like podcast number 64 and each is educational and a delight to listen to. I believe some of the newer ones are also on Youtube.

You might also enjoy Austin Coppock’s website (austincoppock.com). Coppock is a regular guest (as is Kelly Surtees) on Brennan’s podcasts. Coppock is very knowledgeable and eloquent – I took some of his classes just to hear more of his insights colored by his diverse background.

If you want to learn from Chris Brennan more formally, go to his other website, http://www.hellenisticastrology.com/. He offers a long course on Hellenistic Astrology and several short courses on certain aspects of it. There are articles and blog posts but they’re not recent since his blogging time goes to theastrologypodcast.com.

Before I close, I’ll mention Rob Hand’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/robert.hand.98284).

Hand, of course, is our most-respected elder and his studies in Medieval Astrology has led him to also promote the usage of Whole Sign Houses and ancient techniques which he sometimes synthesizes with some more modern techniques and psychological understanding.

All the best,

zoidion - 26/02/2016

Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed input, MS. By “recent,” I mean over the past five years or so. It may be that long ago, or even more, that I attended a day-long workshop with Chris Brennan, mostly or entirely about zodiacal releasing as I recall; but I haven’t followed through much on his style of Hellenistic, particularly since I’ve gotten considerably into weather and climate studies, starting in 2012 (which induced me to start this blog). I’ll check out (again — it’s been a while) his podcast, as time allows.

I’m not familiar with Austin Coppock, but I did attend Kelly Surtees’ presentation on temperaments at the ISAR conference in AZ in 2014. I’ve since endeavored to integrate temperament into my natal delineations.

Thanks for the address for Robert Hand’s FB page. Alas, I haven’t kept up with the body of his medieval work, though I still have his “Night & Day” booklet, which I brought home freshly printed from UAC 1995. It’s a classic.

What I’ve been most influenced by in the realm of Hellenistic astrology is “Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy,” by Joseph Crane.


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