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Balmy and Barmy 03/03/2019

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Have you heard the news from across The Pond?

Lovers could be seen lolling on the green grass, near expanses of flowers, in London’s St. James’s Park. Young men were spotted strolling shirtless along paths where they would not be touched by the long shadows of the season. Skies were strangely cloudless. New records were set for the warmest temperature in February or any winter month. Even in Scotland a weather station reported sixty-five degrees (F), with slightly lower marks attained in Denmark and Sweden.

The warmest days were 25 and, especially, 26 February 2019. See a story at the Washington Post.

Yet from an astro-meteorological perspective, it’s to be expected: The chart for the winter season, cast for the Capricorn solar ingress on 21 December 2018 at 10:23 p.m. GMT, featured both Jupiter and Mercury right on the lower meridian. That’s the most significant spot in a weather chart.

Jupiter correlates with high air pressure, fair skies and mild weather — when in a fire zoidion such as Sagittarius, which is the case for nearly all of 2019. Fittingly for the biggest planet, it amplifies and expands the character of the zoidion it occupies. Add Mercury, and moderate breezes are typical.
Note this: On 26 February, Luna crossed the zodiacal places occupied by the lower meridian, Jupiter and Mercury at the time of the Capricorn ingress (winter solstice). The last quarter moon on the same date — seen by Sol and Luna at the same degree, three signs apart — accentuated the fine-weather effect.
What a difference a year — and a whole different astrological pattern — makes. In the winter of 2018 the UK and much of Europe were beset by chronic cold blasts out of Siberia: “the beast from the east.”

Peter Doughty


Jupiter’s Year 04/01/2019

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After so many cloudy mornings recently, a new year has at last dawned: Jupiter’s year, reflected by Jupiter within his own zodiacal place and shining below Venus’ brightness. Granted, this moment is colored by being within Saturn’s five year domain of ruling both his signs and Mars’ month-and-a-half sojourn through his own place.

But Jupiter’s rhythm — one zoidion (zodiacal sign) per year — is one to which most people can readily relate, as it correlates with joy and good feelings (if not fortune) and expansiveness within specific areas of life. (One cautionary note: Bear in mind the Jupiter-or-stupider option.)

And granted, yesterday — Thursday, Thor’s day — was Jupiter’s day, but Jupiter held off from revealing himself until Venus’ day when they both beautifully danced across the morning sky. Joining in, alas invisibly from this vantage point, was Luna conjoining Mercury in the last degree of Jupiter’s zoidion, a day before the year’s first eclipse.

And so the question is: To what new vibrancy, what new field(s) of endeavor are you committing yourself?

I’m seizing this moment to announce one of my current new endeavors: a new web site, with a name which is perhaps more likely to stick in one’s memory: Zodiacal Spiral.

Stay tuned for its launch as an extension of what I began on the Cancer solar ingress 2012: the blog with the funny name, astroplethorama. As this blog is retired, Zodiacal Spiral will contain, for the first time, the means to order a copy of my book, Scenes from a Tapestry: Reports and Musings on Weather, Climate and the Long Emergency.

(Do you remember what I have emphasized here through the years: that the current system of weather forecasting, dependent upon a far-flung web of satellites, computers and linkages among them, is likely a rather brief phenomenon? I hold to that view, and the conviction that it would behoove those with similar views to prepare for more localized living, cultivating an intimate experience and understanding of land, topography and atmosphere, informed by astrological awareness. Scenes is intended as a teaching and study guide in do-it-yourself astro-meteorology. The apps won’t last.)

Peter Doughty
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