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Floods of the Super Moon 16/08/2014

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Twin Cities ephemera: It’s been a pleasant week with unusually cool mornings here–until today’s murky, muggy dawn–since the rain came in through the night following the Full Moon on the 10th. The rain brought some relief, as this region had begun to have a parched look about it. Even so, there was considerable variation in precipitation: My gauge registered 0.66 inch–enough to fill my rain barrels again–while locations on the other side of town reported only a tenth of an inch.

It’s been a week of harvest here on the urban homestead. Noting the evidence of a nighttime marauder–well, okay, an opportunist–I plucked the remaining corn from their stalks. Noticing the preponderance of sagging clusters of dark berries on the two elderberry bushes, I plucked them too: over seventeen pounds. Torn between this project and that, I spent last evening starting the wine-making process. Carpe diem.

Not harvesting this year, I still looked with satisfaction at the first flowers on the groundnut (Apios americana) vines–I placed a few roots in the ground four months ago. Next year, they will need a trellis. And the year after that, I can start digging some tubers.


There were dramatic and destructive rains elsewhere, in widely separated regions.

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) blog has an excellent summary, “Too Much Rain,” on major rainfall events on the days surrounding the Full (Super) Moon of August, with the Moon at perigee.

In my summer forecast, published here on 12 June, I anticipated “major storms in the high plains and Rocky Mountain region” during the week beginning with the First Quarter Moon on 3 August. Where did I get that? From the very heavy configuration Jupiter-Mercury-Sun in Leo in square to Mars-Moon-Saturn in Scorpio, with Saturn at the upper meridian through the specified region.

And lo and behold, the storms occurred like astro-clockwork. The linked article states: “On Friday night and early Saturday morning two rounds of heavy thunderstorms hit Kearney, NE. CoCoRaHS observers in and around Kearney reported from, 2.35 to 3.89 inches of rain for the 24 hours ending Saturday morning. Most of it fell in a span of a little more than three hours from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.”

At 11:00 p.m. on Friday the 8th, Moon in Capricorn was upon the ascendant of the First Quarter chart calculated for Kearney: time to unleash the forces gathering since Moon crossed (actually, occulted: a phenomenon with more severe implications) Saturn on the morning of the 4th.

1Q Aug2014_transits08082014

Venus’ place (in water sign Cancer) on the western horizon of the First Quarter chart was further evidence of the availability of abundant moisture, and so the rainfall continued approximately until Moon passed the opposition to Venus at 3:09 a.m. local time.

But Saturn and Venus are not the only planetary signatures for rain.

Witness what happened in Detroit, where up to six-plus inches of rain fell during the night and day following the Super Moon–and where for some time there have been legal and police battles involving the municipal water supply. Detroit was under a double planetary whammy: Saturn on the ascendant and Neptune near the lower meridian of the Full Moon chart.


Notice that one of the meteorological features of the situation there was a “stationary low pressure wave”: a Saturn effect.

Next on the agenda: the Baltimore-Washington area, where one location recorded over ten inches of rain.

But the rainfall prize from the Super Moon was reserved for Islip, on New York’s Long Island: 13.57 inches of rain: a new state record. There, Saturn was seven degrees from the ascendant, but Neptune was exactly on the lower meridian (the most potent place) of the Full Moon chart. (The Moon reached Neptune at 7:26 p.m. on Monday the 11th: The deluge came during the thirty-six hours following.)


Decades ago, he was so right: He had put in the decades of study and observation to speak with authority. I refer to George J. McCormack, who laboriously produced on his typewriter a small number of his Text-Book of Long-Range Weather Forecasting. Seeking (in vain) acceptance from the community of measuring-instrument weather forecasters, he avoided dramatic language. But he had no inclination to minimize the dangers:

The keynotes of Neptune’s influence weatherwise are variability, low visibility, ascending air currents, prevalent southerly winds, lower barometer, humidity, excessive static and vacuums in the higher air strata that often prove hazardous for aviation. . . . this planet induces the heaviest downpours in the shortest space of time.

Bingo, Gee Jay.


Fix Your Heart 08/08/2014

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Fix Your Heart with Astrology and Herbs

David Roell

- published in his newsletter and his compilation of essays, The Triple Witching Hour (2012) -

THIS is from  [Joseph] Blagrave’s Astrological Practice of Physick, from the book I restored, reset and published two years ago. I knew how it worked at the time but until this past month, I had never tried it:—

You take three herbs that are good for the heart, harvest them during a planetary hour ruled by the Sun (this is required), wrap them in a paper towel, tie it up with string, wear it around your neck, and it makes your heart stronger. I was too lazy to actually grow the herbs.

But this past spring my heart was so very weak that I got scared. So I went to Blagrave and read his list of herbs for the heart:

Angelica, marigolds, borage, balm, rosemary, bayberries, costmary, burnet, cinnamon, cloves, endive, sage, saffron, nutmeg, strawberries, damask roses, spikenard, galingale, hart’s tongue, lavender, sandalwood, vipers grass.

Of these, marigolds, lavender, sage and rosemary can be had, as living plants, at any nursery and home improvement store. I got some, I waited for a good moment to plant them and then I waited, nervously, until they were strong enough for clippings.

And then on a Sunday morning at sunrise two weeks ago (hour of  the Sun), I did my first harvest: Marigold, lavender, sage . Wrapped them in a paper towel and put them around my neck and kept them there, 24/7.

Didn’t feel any different. The next Thursday I had to mow the lawn, which is a riding lawn mower, followed by an area where I use a conventional push mower. Which for the past year had left me sitting flat on the ground, gasping for breath, feeling as if I was going to die. But I got all the way through it and was hardly winded. I was amazed.

The next day, Friday, was my weekly acupuncture session. The doctor commented how good I looked. I was surprised again. On Sunday at sunrise I again got up, went down to the herbs, and replaced the herbs with new ones: Rosemary, lavender, sage. Yesterday

I replaced them again: Marigold, lavender, sage. At the start of the third week, I feel much stronger.

Blagrave says to do this, not just for weak hearts, but for all ailments, because a strong heart makes everything better. A strong heart is the definition of good health. The formula is simple: IRST,  grow herbs that are good for the heart. Pick from the list on pg. 1. Yes. The little potted plants at Home Depot, WalMart and Lowes will do just fine. Transfer them into a window box when the moon is waxing and in a water sign, which will be June 29-30 [2012: Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Cancer]. If you can’t wait that long, buy extra plants and take clippings directly from them.

Here’s the important part: You must harvest during the planetary hour of the Sun . The easy way to do this is at Sunday  at sunrise , since Sunday is the day of the Sun and the first hour after sunrise is the hour of the Sun. You can get the time of sunrise from your local paper, or from the Weather Channel’s Local on the Eights  (most of them), or by setting a chart for today with the Sun exactly on the ascendant, or you can Google Time of Sunrise. Sunrise is a local event.  You must get sunrise for the town you live in. Since sunrise changes according to the day of the year, and the length of the planetary hours change according to date and your longitude north or south of the Equator, as a rule of thumb you are safe to harvest up to half an hour after sunrise,  winter, summer, spring or fall, anywhere from 60 [degrees]  north to 60 [degrees]  south. Snipping plants takes only seconds.

For other Sun hours on other days you will need to calculate: Take the times of sunrise and sunset, find the number of minutes from rise to set, divide by 12 and you have the length of one planetary hour, etc. Or download ChronosXP  and it will keep track of it for you. (The download is sticky, I had to try three times.) When my plants get stronger I want to renew the herbs twice a week, on Wednesday or Thursday. With careful selection of heart-herbs, this is foolproof.  (DO NOT put other plants or herbs, including those ruled by the other planets, anywhere near your heart!) As it is non-invasive, three heart-herbs in a bag will work for all people, and for those under a doctor’s care, it will work with all methods of treatment. It is easy and cheap and the results are wonderful. I am surprised and impressed. I wish I had done this years ago. – June 5, 2012

Planetary-hour herb treatment apparently helped–for a while. But some astrologically-indicated times are tougher than others, and at some point one’s time simply runs out.

That was apparently the case with Mr. Roell on 27 July last. I was surprised–and yet I wasn’t. He’d made no secret of his suffering from congestive heart failure.

I had read all (I think) of his newsletters this year, and lately he’d gone silent on the specifics of any health issues, though in winter 2013 he’d wiritten in detail about his hospitalization. (Note that “Fix Your Heart” was published in June 2012.)

His last newsletters had featured a bold two-part article on his take on the birth chart of Jesus, with the same Aquarius Sun / Leo Moon / Gemini Ascendant / Mercury in Aquarius combination as in his own birth chart: The data is in Triple Witching Hour, the wheel is below I wondered how he could follow that.

David Roell

As a day birth (diurnal sect), his “out of sect malefic” (major inconvenient truth, in current terminology) was Mars, very strong (essentially dignified) in ruling-sign Scorpio but “accidentally” placed (according to time of day) in the sixth house (health issues). Further complicating matters, Mars was in a “sinister” (as in left-side) square–an “overcoming” relationship–to his ruling planet Mercury (ruler of ascendant Gemini) and to his Sun, essentially debilitated in Aquarius and having dominion over the heart. A triple whammy.

Roell was not blessed with physical health, but was he ever a hard worker. He displayed extreme passion–the signature of Mars in Scorpio–for his work: the study of astrology and the communication of ideas and texts.

His health struggle intensified in the fall of 2012, when Saturn (the in-sect malefic, or minor inconvenient truth) entered Scorpio, and he was hospitalized close to his birthday in 2013, as Saturn stationed retrograde two degrees past the position of natal Mars. (Ever the astrologer, as the ambulance men arrived to transport him to hospital, he asked them for the time–for a decumbiture, or taking-sick, chart. See below)

D Roell decumbiture

He wrote (newsletter of 26 February 2013):

“Of course, Leo rising indicates a heart ailment, which was true and makes the chart valid.  The degree on the ascendant, 13, indicates it was of long standing and presumably has much further to go. Sun ruling the ascendant from the 7th is sthe doctor, or, as the sign is Aquarius, a collection of them (true), as they changed with every shift. Opposite the ascendant, debilitated in Aquarius, they were largely of little use. . . . in my natal chart, Moon and Pluto are conjunct, and on the day of the decumbiture, the Sun was exactly opposed to my Pluto. Which is to confirm that my heart condition is solar, or chronic (long standing), rather than acute (brief) and lunar.  So instead of the Moon, we look at aspects to the Sun. There are three: Saturn square Sun is evil. Venus conjunct and Jupiter trine are good and might be why I survived. But remember that in life one is a super-man and sruvives all attacks, until the very last. This was not the last, and that is all that can be said.”

He survived two more passes of Saturn over natal Mars, in April and September 2013. But he was not in the clear, since transiting Saturn continued making those “overcoming” squares to natal Mercury and Sun.

Plus, 2014 (age 62) would be a profection year highlighting Leo, ruled by the Sun.

His solar return confirmed more difficulties: the chart’s ascendant at one degree of Cancer was ruled by the Moon close behind at twenty-five degrees Gemini. On solar-return day, the Moon was moving at a rate of twelve degrees per day: one degree per month, reaching the solar-return ascendant by early August.

In personal communication, Dave wrote about health crises indicated by an “attacking planet.” More than any other, Mars is an attacking planet. And so it was for Dave. With Saturn stationary direct in mid-Scorpio (20 July, to be exact), Mars entered Scorpio on the 26th to end his struggle.

He is gone but in his writings and his reprints he left an impressive body of work. Good work, Dave.



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